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Holiday Gift Guide for Him

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Holiday Gift Guide for Him

I suffer from FOGG (Fear of Guy Gifting). I tend to over analyze every muscle twitch on a guy's face whenever he opens a gift from me. And I'm always convinced he hates it. It's probably because I've spent my entire childhood watching my dad unravel yet another bottle of Old Spice, then unconvincingly pretending it's the best gift in the world. His reactions were always over-the-top, like the time he displayed it on the shelf alongside his coveted trophies. Overkill. The point is, I've given up trying too hard to find the perfect gift for a guy. Instead, I've opted to find items which I might also like. Because if he can't enjoy it, someone should!



If you're looking for a quality Bluetooth speaker, you should seriously consider this retro, iconic speaker. Not only is it incredibly stylish, but it is powerful in sound quality too. The nice thing about it is that it's extremely easy to use. Plus, it comes in colors that will match any home decor.



Let him curl up by the fire in his very own blanket made of pure virgin wool. These warm and durable blankets come in a variety of gorgeous masculine colors and patterns and are even able to withstand the great outdoors. Complete it with the leather blanket carrier for an additional $25. No doubt you'll be stealing this blanket from him.



If you really want to get to know your guy, consider this saliva collection kit (insert pun here). Within weeks after sending back a sample, he'll receive a rich detailed report on his ancestry, physical traits, and other health and wellness attributes. Get one for yourself too to compare and contrast, making it a perfect bonding tool.



If your guy is someone who has always had a desire to take an inspiring class but gets cold feet when it comes to commitment, then an online Masterclass with one of the world's most accomplished people might just be the thing for him. Intimate, engaging, and thought-provoking, these classes will have him typing away his first screenplay, or whipping up a delicious meal, or mastering tennis Serena Williams style, or even performing his first comedy routine. It'll be sweet to watch him do something he's always dreamed of doing and he'll love you for nurturing that side of him. Bonus points!



If you have an epic photo of your guy on your phone, or one that he took on his that he's super proud of, getting it professionally printed and mounted into a sleek and simple poster-sized frame will definitely bring a smile to his face. It's crazy simple to upload, order, and have delivered right to your doorstep. And it will look so good you won't mind where he hangs it. You could also just get a picture of yourself printed and framed...just saying.



It wouldn't be the holidays without someone getting a pair of socks! But the reality is that socks are a practical need and they're rarely ever replenished. And that's why I love Nice Laundry. It's a well-designed and thoughtful product that allows you to recycle your old socks for new ones. Their goal is to help reduce textile waste since it's one of the most recyclable materials on this planet. It's the gift that gives back.