Bag Lady

I recently took my daughter shopping thinking it would be a good idea for her to choose what she likes. You know, since she never seems to like what I pick out for her anymore. At first it was super cute. She was shouting, " this my size?" at the site of anything with a bunny on it. Then it got scary. She was grabbing everything with a bunny, kitty, pony, puppy (you get the idea) on it and (now) screaming, "IS THIS MY SIZE???" on toddler repeat. When we were checking out, I mouthed to the cashier to "pretend" with me and basically dumped about 3/4 of the mound of clothes. I did however decided to let her keep this H&M bunny handbag because the way her face lit up when she spotted this, is treasured in my heart forever. So now, as a proud mom of a toddler, I get carry around the bunny bag with me wherever I go. Because you know, we end up holding everything for them anyway.

ME:  BERGDORF GOODMAN distressed sweater (similar)  |  MADEWELL trench coat  | BLANKNYC jeans  |  TOPSHOP sneakers  |  URBAN OUTFITTERS hat

HER:  ZARA KIDS dress  |  H&M tutu (similar)  |  GELLWHU knee socks  |  OLD SOLES sneakers  |  H&M handbag (similar)